For Parents of Children With Additional Needs
Parent Support Group for

Programme 2017

Thurs 19th Jan

Amy Drew (Specialist Speech and Language Therapist/Orchid Practice) Autism therapy demonstration/ 'Special Talk' empowering specialist intervention:  success stories.

Thurs 16th  Feb

Half term - no meeting
Thurs 16th  March
Sue Doyle (Special Cooks Company) Opportunities for people with SEN to improve their cooking skills and learn about healthy eating in a safe environment.
Thurs 20th April
Jane Dellow
(Keep Safe) a community safety scheme for disabled people to get support and help when out and about and in an emergency.
Thurs 18th May Crafty Session - a chance to chat and knit, crochet, quilt, cross stitch etc
Thurs 15th June Picnic on Hartham Common ( Weather permitting)
Thurs 20th July
No speaker
- time to relax before schools break up
Thurs 17th August
no meeting
- Summer holidays.  CHIPS summer playschemes.
Thurs 21st  SeptDaniel Marsden (Consultant Nurse, Herts Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust)    .*  unable to do this now- is coming in briefly in next session.
Thurs 19th OctKevin Bury (Breakaway Active)  Organisation offering supported holidays to people with a learning difficulty.
Thurs 16th Nov Elaine MacKensie ( Specialist Youth Mentor) Supporting individuals who are not  in Education, employment  or training   to engage in activities such as  community groups/activities, volunteering, work experience or further training opportunities.
Thurs 21st  Dec
No speaker
- time to relax and unwind  before Christmas holidays start

Sessions also include time for parents to chat and to opt out of speakers, if wished.
Refreshments 50p – Children welcome, crèche available