For Parents of Children With Additional Needs
Parent Support Group for

Programme 2016

Thurs 21st Jan

Catherine Nolan (Stepping Stones, Jubilee House) Supported work experience in an office environment for young people with  SEN.

Thurs 18th  Feb

Half term - no meeting
Thurs 17th  March
Kellie Ahl (Release and Relax) Helping your child  move from rage to reason
Thurs 21st April
Caroline Penn
( Handle)   An effective non-drug approach for  identifying and treating most neurodevelopmental disorders

Thurs 19th May Simon Jackson-Turner (The Inclusion Project) A new initiative promoting healthy, social and active lifestyles in young adults with Learning Difficulties post education.
Thurs 16th June Angela Evans & Nicola Broughton (Shaw Trust) Supporting disabled and disadvantaged adults into employment
Thurs 21st July
No speaker
- time to relax before schools break up
Thurs 18th August
no meeting
- Summer holidays.  CHIPS summer playschemes.
Thurs 15th SeptMoney Advice Unit - advice on benefits for children and people with SEN
Thurs 20th OctLyndsey Grayston & Freddie Sherwood   (Inspired Day Services) Further education and support with independent living skills and experience for individuals aged 16+ with learning difficulties.
Thurs 17th Nov Jane Dellow (Keep Safe) a community based scheme for diasbled people to get help and support when out and about.
Thurs15th Dec
No speaker
- time to relax and unwind  before Christmas holidays start

Sessions also include time for parents to chat and to opt out of speakers, if wished.
Refreshments 50p – Children welcome, crèche available