For Parents of Children With Additional Needs
Parent Support Group for CHIPS

Programme 2015

Thurs 15th Jan

Jules Gapper (Reiki) The benefits of Reiki and natural  healing for all.

Thurs 19th  Feb

Half term - no meeting
Thurs 19th  March
Crafty Session - no speaker.  A chance to try out some craft skills such as knitting, crochet etc and just relax and chat.
Thurs 16th April
Easter hols - no meeting

Thurs 21st May Ceri Collins (Brainwave) Improving a child's mobility, communication skills, and learning potential through a range of educational and physical therapies.
Thurs 18th June Live a Little (Live a little) - an outreach service for young people aged 16+ who have learning difficulties.
Thurs 16th July
No speaker
- time to relax before schools break up
Thurs 20tht August
no meeting
- Summer holidays.  CHIPS summer playschemes.
Thurs 17th SeptStepping Stones -offering young people with additional needs the chance to  flourish and grow in all areas of their lives.
Thurs 15th OctPC Anna Page (Safer Neighbour Team, Herts Police Constabulary) Advice on how to keep  kids /young people with SEN safe in the community.
Thurs 19th Nov
Dave Walker (Sporting Buddies) Supported sporting activities for young people with SEN.
Thurs17th Dec
No speaker
- time to relax and unwind  before Christmas holidays start

Sessions also include time for parents to chat and to opt out of speakers, if wished.
Refreshments 50p – Children welcome, crèche available