For Parents of Children With Additional Needs
Parent Support Group for CHIPS

Programme 2013

Thurs 17th Jan

Hannah Del Ponte (Osteopath) The benefits of osteopathy  for children and their carers.

Thurs 21st  Feb

Half term - no meeting
Thurs 21st March
Maria Kiely (Carers in Herts)  Updates on issues affecting Carers and Parents in Herts.
Thurs 18th April
Carol Schaffer
(Kith and Kids)  Information and advice on Advocacy

Thurs 16th May
Carol  Kelsey
(Herts Parent Carer Involvement) Outlining the organisation and events it has planned.
John Grubb
(Developing Special Provision Locally) a chance to pass on our experiences and opinions on provision for families with SEN within our local area.

Thurs 20th June
Nicole Giddings
(Longmore Solicitors) Advise on legal aspects of caring for a child/young person with SEN including wills, Power of Attorney and Trust Funds.

Thurs 18th July
No speaker
- time to relax before schools break up
Thurs 15th August
no meeting
- Summer holidays.  CHIPS summer playschemes.
Thurs 19th SeptJohn Bennett (ReachOut Plus ) Creating life-changing  experiences for disadvantaged and disabled young people, including Circles of Support.
Thurs 17th Oct Julie Singleton (Contact a Family) A session on coping and support in times of stress.
Thurs 21st Nov
Naomi Matcham and Yvonne Linton
(MacIntyre). Teaching parents to improve support for their child, and alsosupporting young people with SEN through transition and personalisation to help them take control of their own  lives

Thurs19th Dec
No speaker
- time to relax and unwind  before Christmas holidays start

Sessions also include time for parents to chat and to opt out of speakers, if wished.
Refreshments 50p – Children welcome, crèche available