For Parents of Children With Additional Needs
Parent Support Group for CHIPS

Programme 2012

Thurs 19th Jan

Sheila Lucas (Stopgap) Working with young people with Aspergers and other social or communication difficulties.

Thurs 16th  Feb

Half term - no meeting
Thurs 15th March

Jo Wright and Debbie Pearce
(Lucky Charms)  Providing therapy for children and adults with SEN using the power of horses.
Thurs 19th April
Easter Break
- no meeting; CHIPS playschemes

Thurs 17th May
Jacqui WIlliams and Carolyn James
(We Do Care).  An outreach support service for children and young people with disabilities/learning difficulties in Herts.

Thurs 21st June
Maddy Hill
(Supported Living Homes, Herts CC) Advice about supported independent living for young people with SEN

Thurs 19th July
No speaker
- time to relax before schools break up
Thurs 16th August
no meeting
- Summer holidays.  CHIPS summer playschemes.
Thurs 20th Sept
Rozelle Bettesworth (Church Farm) Providing training and work experience for people with learning difficulties in a supportive and caring environment within a fully working farm.
Thurs 18th Oct 
Yvonne Deal
(Money Advice Unit) Providing advice on benefits and allowances for children and young people with SEN.
Thurs 15th Nov
Katie Bristow- Wade
 How dogs can improve the quality of life for children with SEN,  including those with ASD.

Thurs 20th Dec
No speaker
- time to relax and unwind  before Christmas holidays start

Sessions also include time for parents to chat and to opt out of speakers, if wished.
Refreshments 50p – Children welcome, crèche available